SMA started working officially in Feb, 2016 with a pilot village located in
Kawuga, Mukono Municipality. Among other things found in that village were people who did not have enough to live on, to send their children to school and with no income to make their ends meet.
SMA is still working with those families one by one as giving guidance and prayers to them as much it can. It is in this regard that Irene 59, a widow was identified as a zealous woman who in case she gets a support she can sustain her household of 6 (two children and three grandchildren).
After assessing what she can really do well we decided to send her in a tailoring school for a period of three months to be extended in case she shows interest to learn how to sew properly. She had been possessing an ordinary sewing machine which she could use in sewing people’s clothe patches. This time she wanted to learn much more how she can be able to make real dresses for women and why not making men’s outfits.
Her ideas were so brilliant, SMA asked her if she could really contribute to her dreams. She responded positively that she will be meeting her transport to the vocational school (A distance of 3km one way about $ 1 per day).
Irene has been in the school for three months and her life has started to change dramatically, recently towards the end of her term, SMA visited her school to see how she was doing. To our surprise, the principle of the school told us that, Irene is a land mark among others actually today, she is having many customers at home because her skills have improved so much.
What next to Irene?
When asked what she thinks about her future, she said that she is aiming at accessing a multipurpose machine which will help her to do various designs at the customer’s wish. SMA has chosen her to get that machine for her end of September and she will be paying back at the end of October (each month she will be paying back a tenth of the total cost to finish up after ten months).
Please pray for Irene to finish her classes well this September and if possible to extend her training to other three months. She has a dream to have her own house as a widow to be able to contribute towards her grandchildren.

The SMA aims at providing school fees to the needy children of different backgrounds in East Africa. We support them in Secondary Schools, Vocational Schools, and Universities. The beneficiaries are to sign an agreement with SMA that they will be able to sponsor another person after they have finished. This helps the organization to generate another donor after long run. The parents or guardians are supposed to help wherever they can like providing shelter, food and sometimes materials to the children depending on the assessment done by SMA staff.
The SMA provides spiritual, moral, and physical follow up from homes and schools to assure that holistic development of these children is in the right direction.

The Story of Doreen
Square Ministries Africa got to know Doreen 24, early 2014 through her local church leader. She is a fifth of six children from her mother (she is from a polygamous family). She dropped out of school in 2012 when she was in senior two because the mother could not meet the school requirements yet the father was not willing to pay for her on top of mistreating the entire family. The father has been in prison for 16 years released in 2010.
Much as she dropped out of school, the passion and interest for school kept on burning within her where she continuously said that one day she will go back to school if God makes a way for her. She worked as house girl saving some of the little money she was earning, hoping that if she gets some money the father would support her and her dreams to go to school become true. But all in vain the father still refused to support her instead he increased mistreating her. This discouraged her and felt hopeless to the extent of committing suicide. As SMA followed up with her story and progress regularly, when it reached to this point, Square Ministries Africa decided to support her to go to a vocational school doing catering. She was enrolled in January 2017.
SMA has a commitment to take her through for two semesters, she will get her certificate of Level 1 in November. The renewal of taking her to another level will depend on her performance and commitment.
Please pray for her for wisdom and discernment for her next stage.


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