What Would Jesus Do In This Situation?

Of recent I traveled to the Holy Land. My purpose was to learn the Biblical stories while allying them with geographical sites where they happened.

I moved up to Bethlehem, I even touched the Silver Star spot where I believe Jesus Christ was born.  I went ahead to Nazareth where Jesus spent about 30 years working with his earthly father perhaps in carpentry workshop or doing some masonry in building people’s homes to earn a living.

What struck me most was being around the ‘Sea of Galilee’ where he spent three years teaching, preaching and healing various diseases. The stories are so fascinating but when you are physically there you wonder if they really happened. If you desire to be spiritual all along, you would be praying to God to fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you do not go back home the way you came. (Mine is a personal experience therefore I will not reveal my secret to you now).

While at Square Ministries Africa, recently, I was moving around meeting various people. As a pastor some were telling me “pray for us Father!” Yes I do pray often for them and God hears our prayers.

I was struck again with the thought of this young lady whom I knew about 20 years ago, at a tender age. I normally urged Sara Gasengayire 32, to be careful with men so that she will have a very good future when she gets a right man to marry.

However, things turned upside down, she approached me and said “Reverend I am no longer the person you expected me to be because I am diabetic and it has reached to the stage where my kidneys are no longer functioning.”

I told my wife to spare sometime and pay a visit to her. We were very well received by the family members, and we went ahead to her bed side. She narrated, “Reverend I developed complications necessitating initiation of hemodialysis which is required two times a week to maintain my life. The dialysis is done at the National referral hospital and it is expensive requiring up to 200 USD every week.”

I wondered how long this lady will live in this kind of situation with no other source of income. She depends entirely on the family. The doctors have recommended that the best solution for her kidney is a transplant which is a definitive treatment for her condition. Unfortunately, Uganda has no transplant program and relies on other countries like India to carry out this procedure where Gasengayire must go.

One of her relatives has agreed to donate the kidney but she needs 35,000 USD to India. It is where now spirituality conflicted with the reality. What came to my mind was “If Jesus would have been here today, the situation would have changed automatically.” My wife and I contributed towards her weekly expenses and prayed for her for God’s intervention according to his will.

There is a campaign to raise 35,000 USD for her kidney transplant if you have an idea perhaps some organizations which can reach out or your personal contribution towards kidney transplant/weekly expenses please let us know on squareministriesafrica@gmail.com or emmanuel.emily@gmail.com

May God’s will be done in the life of Sarah Gasengayire!

Author: squareministriesafrica@gmail.com

A Non-Profit Organization in East Africa

2 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Do In This Situation?”

  1. Square Ministries Africa what a touching story about Sarah, I join you to pray for Sarah for God’s providence of finances towards her kidney transplant. I will contact you in your email for my contribution towards her treatment.


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