End of the Year 2018 Report

SMA, a Non-Profit organization taking care of the needy in East Africa is proud to partner with whoever has a heart to reach out. After reading this report you can contact us for more details how you can be involved. See the power point pictures here SMA POWER POINT REPORT 2018


1.      Evangelism through piggery

a-      pigsty

Three years ago we identified Mary a widow living with her three grandchildren (12-10-4). Her biggest problem was to have a decent pigsty which does not smell to replace the old one which was not environmental friendly. Her neighbors really hated her pigs due to air pollution (smelling). This year SMA was able to build a decent pigsty which can accommodate 16 pigs. “I have seen God’s love through this ministry, I could not think that people can really support you without a bribe. Whoever comes here wonders how I got this pigsty I tell them, ‘it is God’ because I never knew these people” declares Mary after receiving her new pigsty. The pigsty will help Mary to rear enough pigs to provide for her family and to educate her grandchildren.

b-     A sow and piglets

The question SMA has been battling with was how to intervene in the life of somebody living with HIV/AIDS. Dorothy (nick name) has been living with HIV for more than 15 years, she has two children and one grandchild all living with her. When approached she showed an interest of rearing pigs. SMA bought for her a sow named Grace ready to give birth. In fact after three weeks the sow gave her 7 piglets. As Christian lady she is willing to touch the surrounding community, she will give three of the piglets to her neighbors so that they all share the love of Christ “free given free give”. The giving off springs will continue in that partner and we shall see how it goes in the years to come.


a-      Tuyizere Paul (23)

Paul is an orphan who was left when he was 5, SMA has been helping him from Primary to Secondary. After finishing his A level, SMA has taken him to a diploma course in hotel management in Kigali (Rwanda) for one year and half beginning this September. We hope that when he finishes he will be able to get job in the hotel industry in which he will be able to take care some of his siblings.

b-     Vocational school finalists

This year we were able to have two groups from 101 Vocational School. These are the people who finish vocational training and SMA trains them in microfinance. SMA gives them a package to startup of sewing machines or basic materials to use out there. Every money given out to them is paid back so that other members of the group benefits from it. The training takes five weeks. The first group of 8 people had a training in June and two people received the fund. The second cohort of 5 people got their training in November as usual two got the initial fund. So far by now SMA was able to have three groups including the one of last year. And we have trained a total of 20 people.

3.      FBI  (Family Booster Initiatives)/ Micro- loan scheme

In Micro-loan scheme, we have two categories of people, the ones identified as independents and those who emerge from vocational schools.

On independent ticket, this year we had one person, who successfully paid back the loan and we are to increase the amount of money next year from $ 200 to $ 300. Here we are to note that we do not go beyond $ 500 to an individual beyond that we help them to go to the banks. We have a long waiting list next year of this kind of loans.

Those who are emerging from vocational schools, we have so far 8 members from three groups. Two of them have finished to pay the loan back and they are waiting to go on the independent ticket next year. The way this loan works, is that after a training of one month as indicated above two people are chosen in each group and they are given loans. As they pay back that money goes to the third, then to the fourth and finally to the fifth. Each group is not more than five people. They are given $ 130 which is paid back in ten months.

4.      Community intervention

In the community intervention, we visit people and pray with them. After making friendship we talk about challenges they are facing in life. It is in this case that sometimes we give them pigs/piglets or build pigsty. This year we have embarked on providing water to those who did not have it. It is in this case that we were able to provide tap water to two families. One is a family of 4 headed by a widow. And another is a family of 9 where a man walked away due to the striking poverty in the family. We are planning to do more of these next year because the need is rampant.

5.      Education

In education, SMA was able to send two students to school. Due to finances we give them partial support and request the family members to come in wherever they can. One is in Rwanda (a University student who contributes for herself ¾ of her tuition through selling calling cards and mobile money business) another is in Uganda (a young girl whose mother provides scholarships and SMA gives tuition to the school, she is in senior 4).

6.      New MoU signed

SMA this year  has signed with another vocational school in Mukono District a MoU in which the school gives students training and SMA provide them skills and funds to begin with life after the training. The SMA curriculum has three phases: 1. Training them the basics of life based on Christian models. 2. Visiting them in their homes and work places for encouragement and prayers. 3. Providing refundable funds for materials with no interest instead teaching them how to save on their own. As part of the partnership SMA will be sending school drop outs to this school for training as well as providing a package to the finalists through FBI.

Prayers for next year

1.      Three hundred training of pastors and their spouses in UGANDA

2.      Supporting more children for vocational training

3.      Providing different materials to vocational training finalists

4.      FBI in business and in agriculture/micro-loans

5.      Animal shades for different communities (piggery stalls, poultry etc)

6.      Continuation of the existing programs

Thanks for partnering with SMA

Some of the SMA members


Author: squareministriesafrica@gmail.com

A Non-Profit Organization in East Africa

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