A Blessing in the Midst of a Global Pandemic (Revised)

At the dawn of this disaster, I mentioned about how prayers can change things and how God is testing our faith of leaning on him always.

This time I would like to share with you what is happening around Square Ministries Africa. Can we sit and pray only? Or we need to be active as we pray. In most African countries there is ease on many activities with precautions but the churches and schools from nurseries to Universities are still shutdown. Some people are predicting that they will re-open when COVID vaccine is under operational. Very sad indeed for those two sectors !!

In the midst of sharing with the little people have especially food items, at Square Ministries Africa, we have taken an initiative to reach out to the elderly. Some people visited need spiritual help and others need economic and medical interventions. We registered some alarming medical cases which need quick action. Due to lockdown people were not able to access medication or lost their income to buy medicine. I will continue to update you on this as the intervention unfolds.

The successful story is for the widow, Irene, appearing on this blog (scroll down the page IMG_20170721_110841to ‘Meet some of our Beneficiaries’) we met in 2016 at the beginning of the ministry. Her husband went to the UK for greener pastures but unfortunately he died few years later without seeing him again. Her life became so difficult with several children (7) she had to look after. When Square ministries met her she was in a small rented room with her two children (staying with her) and four grandchildren. We took her for tailoring course after which we gave her a sewing machine on loan. Ten months later she completed paying back.

After the course and getting her own sewing machine she decided to go back to her village and somebody gave her a shelter for free of charge. We visited her several times and we found that she was having a piece of land. We encouraged her to start a small house of her own to be fully independent.  She managed to build a foundation and started on brick wall. Unfortunately the lockdown had not allowed her to continue building because there was no way to make money with her tailoring business. In the midst of lockdown the owner of the house where she was staying, due to challenges he was also having, he needed his house back and he alerted her to evacuate as soon as possible. Three weeks ago we went to see her and we found her in a quagmire state, we tried to gather some money and paid for the building up to the roof, so that she can have somewhere to live.

IMG_20200627_155532When I went to see her just this week she told me “God has sent you at the right time because I was wondering why all these problems are happening to me and now I have seen, God’s timing is always the best, with or without windows and doors we are shifting in this house next week. The grandchildren who were with her turned to each other and said “Oh that is how God works!!”.

Dear friend, this message comes now as an appeal to see if you can help us so that we reach out to so many people like Irene. It has not been my culture to request money but in the midst of this pandemic I would wish you to be a blessing to someone. Technology has done it, now you can send as little as one dollar to a mobile money with no extra charge. It has been so difficult to send money through a bank account where they charge over 30 dollars and really this is a lot of money which can buy a piglet for a widow. Just give as you can afford. Any money you send will be accountable for and you will receive a report of how it was used. Let’s join our hands in prayer and in action in the midst of a global pandemic and God’s reward will fall upon us, and to our descendants.

Allow me to thank those who were able to pray with us and also supported the ministry in monetary terms. At least Irene’s house is roofed, we are now IMG_20200809_180632 (2)working with her and her children to finish up other things remaining for self-esteem and ownership. In case you have a heart to help please you are welcome we can help many people with your participation, “One by one makes a bundle”.

How to send money? Go to www.sendwave.com and register/download the app and follow the instructions. For more information you can contact us on squareministriesafrica@gmail.com or emmanuel.emily@gmail.com.

God blesses a cheerful giver from a generation to generations 2 Cor 9:6-9.

Love and blessings

Author: squareministriesafrica@gmail.com

A Non-Profit Organization in East Africa

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