Support One Another in Difficult Times

Dear Friends

We are in daunting times. People are sick. Others are taking care of their loved ones who are badly off, while others have lost their loved ones, their jobs, their livelihoods and so on.

However, much we may try to say we can be strong and will overcome the pain, at some point, one can break down. The situation is not normal at all and it’s taking its toll on so many of us, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. We can’t pretend any more that is well.

Knowing that your loved one is very ill, in pain, holed up somewhere and you can’t extend a helping hand physically and emotionally is so draining, so daunting. Being ill and you’re locked up somewhere where no loved one can reach you, you’re fighting it all alone, is very painful. We can’t pretend any more that we are strong. We need one another now, more than ever before, yet our hands are tied.

But we can do something. One, let’s kneel before our Almighty God, the giver of life and pray for protection, for all those that are going through emotional, mental, physical and financial distress.

Pick up your phone, call that friend, that relative, that workmate, and find out how they are doing. Talk to them and give them hope and strength. It helps a lot.

Send a message to them and find out how they are anytime. It helps to know that whatever pain, trouble you’re going through, someone out there cares.

If they are experiencing some financial stress, share with them the little you have. Don’t wait to get a lot to be able to share. Even 5k ($1) or 2k (50 cents) can do something for someone in distress. It could be all that is needed to save a life. It can buy a strip of paracetamol, a liter of milk, a glass of juice or a few fingers of matooke (banana). Don’t feel shy sharing the little you have. It takes the burden off someone’s head.

But you can only manage to do that if you make an effort to keep in touch with people, of course through a phone call.

This disease is not only affecting people’s health. It attacks from all corners mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially, and all that. Let’s be compassionate, let’s offer the little we can, let’s be there for one another, give love and care, and above all let’s pray for one another, give love and care and above all let’s pray for one another. Covid-19 is real, but we can conquer the monster if we stand up for one another.

Psalm 142


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