Happy New Year 2022!

I hope you had good celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s Day!

At Square Ministries Africa, we rejoice in the Lord for the far he has brought us. He is and He will be on the throne forever, despite some challenges but our God still reigns.

The year 2021, has been a challenging one like the previous one but God has transformed challenges into opportunities for Square Ministries Africa. We were able to reach out to many people more than before.  

Apart from many activities SMA is involved in; the climax was the training of 500 hundred pastors and their spouses on Theology of Work. Talking as a person on the ground, women have been so much appreciative to sit together with their husbands as they plan for self-reliance family projects for which was not there before. There is much improvement in the pastors’ homes!

What is 2022 bringing to us? The master planner is God of the Universe, but as individuals, we have dreams of what we need to achieve.

Apart from the existing programs, this year we would like to reach out to the remote area where Female Genital Mutilation is still the order of the day. SMA would like to join other stakeholders to break that cycle of ignorance by training church and local leaders for Theology of Work. Let us pray and believe that by the time we have three to four trainings, there would be a change of the mindset. 

Please take some time as little as 1 minute and pray for SMA to reach out and to get enough support to sustain the ongoing programs and to be self – reliance in the near future.

In case you need to know more about SMA you can contact us on

 +256 750 604 978  


A Non-Profit Organization in East Africa

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