Sebei Theology Of Work Workshop

What a joy to be in a new setting and meeting new people who are curious to find out what God is revealing to them each day!

The week of April 24–30 was dedicated to the training of 150 clergy and lay readers in Sebei Diocese in Eastern Uganda. What a wonderful place to be! Slopping up and down on the hills, we were able to have two separate meeting places, one in the town of Kapchorwa and another in Bukwo, on the border with Kenya, to allow people nearby to come over. We were blessed to have the Bishop of the Diocese, Rt. Rev. Paul Masaba, who fully participated in our training. The purpose of this training was to help church leaders change their attitudes toward their jobs and develop self-sufficiency while they spread the gospel. As we spread the gospel, we hope to challenge cultural norms because a thriving church requires members who are strong spiritually, financially, and physically.

Once more, theology of work offers Christians and church leaders direction on how to utilize all the tools, abilities, and skills at our disposal to change lives. On Sunday, April 30, preaching took place in two different churches where many Christians had gathered for various services as the culmination of the training.

What next? This training served as an icebreaker to meet everyone. We want all participants to bring their spouses to our training levels 2 and 3. Those of you with families will understand what I mean when I say that in our society, women have little influence over cultural norms and family finances.

We explain to the participants at the beginning of our training that we are here to learn from one another. This has turned out to be the case because we discovered that while some people are making significant progress in reducing poverty, they still required confirmation that their actions are biblically mandated. Keep praying for us to achieve our goals in due time!

Finally, I’d like to thank you for willing to support Square Ministries both materially and spiritually. To God be the glory!

Square Ministries Africa


A Non-Profit Organization in East Africa

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