Sebei Theology Of Work Workshop

What a joy to be in a new setting and meeting new people who are curious to find out what God is revealing to them each day!

The week of April 24–30 was dedicated to the training of 150 clergy and lay readers in Sebei Diocese in Eastern Uganda. What a wonderful place to be! Slopping up and down on the hills, we were able to have two separate meeting places, one in the town of Kapchorwa and another in Bukwo, on the border with Kenya, to allow people nearby to come over. We were blessed to have the Bishop of the Diocese, Rt. Rev. Paul Masaba, who fully participated in our training. The purpose of this training was to help church leaders change their attitudes toward their jobs and develop self-sufficiency while they spread the gospel. As we spread the gospel, we hope to challenge cultural norms because a thriving church requires members who are strong spiritually, financially, and physically.

Once more, theology of work offers Christians and church leaders direction on how to utilize all the tools, abilities, and skills at our disposal to change lives. On Sunday, April 30, preaching took place in two different churches where many Christians had gathered for various services as the culmination of the training.

What next? This training served as an icebreaker to meet everyone. We want all participants to bring their spouses to our training levels 2 and 3. Those of you with families will understand what I mean when I say that in our society, women have little influence over cultural norms and family finances.

We explain to the participants at the beginning of our training that we are here to learn from one another. This has turned out to be the case because we discovered that while some people are making significant progress in reducing poverty, they still required confirmation that their actions are biblically mandated. Keep praying for us to achieve our goals in due time!

Finally, I’d like to thank you for willing to support Square Ministries both materially and spiritually. To God be the glory!

Square Ministries Africa

God’s Favor for 2023

There are so many things to thank God for this last year 2022, as the little ones say “thank God for the gift of life,” God has been so faithful to each one of us and to the Square Ministries Africa for safety and provision.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support in one way or another, our success and progress in expanding God’s kingdom depend on working together as we share information and resources in reaching out to our neighbors.

We want to thank God so much for allowing Square Ministries Africa to have conducted Theology of Work for the third time in which 250 pastors have been trained in the Diocese of Bukedi (Eastern Uganda). It has been a success story in which pastors can carry out their calling with a happy mind and soul in self-reliance for poverty alleviation of their families and parishioners. The training was crowned by the distribution of 250 Africa Study Bibles with training on how to utilize it in their daily life. What a joy to have a very rich Bible like this in their hands!

As you know SMA has been working with various groups of elderly, widows, needy, and young people in different activities. This year we got a surprise report about microfinance which is a loan scheme with no interest for the money to circulate among the members. We started this five years ago and during COVID-19 lockdown we thought that it will not work but we have received very good reports of how the women have become the pillars of the households in providing school fees for their children and building their own homes/shelters. We will be sharing more about these women one by one along the way this year and we say thank you so much for being behind the scenes in prayers and physical support for them.

As we enter the new year 2023, I will encourage you to continue to be behind the scene as you pray with us and in case you would wish to partner with Square Ministries Africa please do so. Here are some items for prayers.

1. Pray for all activities SMA is involved in reaching out in child education, pastors’ training, family booster initiatives, micro-business loans, animal rearing, providing water, electricity, and shelters to the needy, and in-patients outreach to be expanded to various hospitals.

2. Pray for the teams and individuals who will be visiting Square Ministries Africa in Uganda, praying for their safety and having an enriching experience for the glory of God.

3. Pray for my involvement in traveling and attending conferences, seminars, and workshops within the continent and overseas, and pray for God’s provision and safety.

4. Pray specifically for the GAFCON IV which will be held in Kigali Rwanda in April, pray for God’s guidance for the entire gathering, pray for the right delegates, discussions, and strong commitment to being faithful to the Holy Scriptures. I will personally attend and pray for God’s favor and anointing. Since many delegates are self-sponsored, there is discouragement among the believers who wanted to attend, pray that godly men and women will be able to meet the requirements.

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Help In Time Of Need

‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ Mt 25:35-36.

We have been struggling with the Pandemic, as it was getting over the war in Eastern Europe erupted, and if that was not enough, climate change of unpredictable drought and heavy rains hit many areas where people are dying everyday.

We have been praying, but as the word of God is clear that faith without action is dead, at the University we have been collecting money to help the affected areas due to drought in the North -East. When we started praising God for the rain just few days ago the rain hit the Eastern part of Uganda whereby several people died in the floods.

Part of this Eastern area, is where SMA has been conducting training on Theology of Work. We thank God for guiding us because at least church ministers in the area are able to cope with the situation through self sustaining projects they have established and initiated to the communities.

We still pray that God will open a door for SMA to have a training in the region where the drought has been rampant, sometimes we say, “do what you can, and God will do the rest.

In response to the high cost of living we are facing the moment, SMA has started a hospital ministry outreach to take hampers of uncooked food to the patients in the nearby hospital. We really thank God for his provision and allowing us to pray and feed those who were sick and hungry. The idea began three years ago where we thought that we can mobilize community to take cooked food. However, as time went by, we approached the Hospital management, and we were advised to take food items in which the in-patients through their caretakers can prepare good meals through the available services at the hospital. From there a memorandum of understanding was signed between SMA and the Hospital management. This last Tuesday was our second time to offer prayers and gift in-kind to the patients. We believe that God will continue to expand our initiative as he brings in new players and partners for this noble cause.

May the good Lord continuously be with you, as you keep praying for those who are suffering from the high cost of living all over the world.

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Five years ago, I had a dream to train and give Africa Study Bibles to the church leaders. Little did I know that God can work in his own way to achieve that! I am so glad that some of you have played a big role in getting these Bibles which we were able to give to the church leaders in the first half of 2022. (see photos here:,,

Square Ministries Africa, in partnership with Bible Society Uganda, carried out a fruitful training of 250 priests, deacons, and Lay readers. The main goal of the training was to equip church leaders with the Bibles which speak into their context but also to be conversant on how to use them. ASB is a handy Bible any Christian can possess but the problem we face over here is to know how to get information out of it. We took them through that Bible on how to identify its signs and features, and their interpretation, application, and delivering the message to the congregation.  

You can watch what the Bishop is saying here:

As I conclude, special thanks to OASIS International for providing and shipping the Bibles to us, to the church men and women of Bukedi Diocese for their partial contribution for the ownership and to all of you for your prayers and support towards this noble cause. Again and again keep praying for Square Ministries Africa and those involved in expanding God’s kingdom in various capacities.


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Happy New Year 2022!

I hope you had good celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s Day!

At Square Ministries Africa, we rejoice in the Lord for the far he has brought us. He is and He will be on the throne forever, despite some challenges but our God still reigns.

The year 2021, has been a challenging one like the previous one but God has transformed challenges into opportunities for Square Ministries Africa. We were able to reach out to many people more than before.  

Apart from many activities SMA is involved in; the climax was the training of 500 hundred pastors and their spouses on Theology of Work. Talking as a person on the ground, women have been so much appreciative to sit together with their husbands as they plan for self-reliance family projects for which was not there before. There is much improvement in the pastors’ homes!

What is 2022 bringing to us? The master planner is God of the Universe, but as individuals, we have dreams of what we need to achieve.

Apart from the existing programs, this year we would like to reach out to the remote area where Female Genital Mutilation is still the order of the day. SMA would like to join other stakeholders to break that cycle of ignorance by training church and local leaders for Theology of Work. Let us pray and believe that by the time we have three to four trainings, there would be a change of the mindset. 

Please take some time as little as 1 minute and pray for SMA to reach out and to get enough support to sustain the ongoing programs and to be self – reliance in the near future.

In case you need to know more about SMA you can contact us on

 +256 750 604 978  


Just recently I was meditating on the well-known words of Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” There are four key words in this verse of prosperity, no harm, hope and future. Having wealth without harm is my prayer for everyone. It is good to have basic needs and also have extra coins to share with others. Again having hope in God for the future someone said that it is like “sleeping like a baby” whereby the mother is always in charge.

Friends, time is going by and things are changing tremendously but let us have hope in God for a better future for all our needs will be provided accordingly. This is the hope we are now preaching today! Just a few days ago, the churches and other related activities were lifted after three months of lockdown. At least last Sunday congregants were able to meet, to sing, to pray and to hear the word of God in a fellowship, how beautiful it is!! Yes the virtual services on zoom are fine but it is always better to move to a sanctuary named “God’s meeting place.”

Thank you so much for your prayers, churches have started fellowships up to 200 people. Schools are still closed but Universities will resume by November 2021 with physical learning to those who are not able to be online. We also thank God so much for the “drops” of vaccines which are coming in as donations, now people have different options of AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen & Janssen to arrive at the end of October. Some people are still reluctant for the jabs but many are actively going to nearby centers for the vaccine. I do not know your perception but in all let’s keep praying for the pandemic to go the way it came.

At Square Ministries Africa, we are re-organizing to see how things can continue to move, please pray as usual for the following items:

1. Africa Study Bible distribution: If you have been following my updates, we have been praying and fundraising for 250 Bibles to give to the pastors in Eastern Uganda. Now the Bibles are ready to be distributed with a training of how to use them effectively. Pray for God’s guidance.

2. Training Of Trainers: Square Ministries Africa in partnership with another organization will conduct a training of 120 people selected among the 500 trained since last year for equipping them to train their Christians in Theology of Work. Pray for the smooth planning, execution and resources for the whole process.

3. Pray and act as God will direct you!

May the good Lord be with you as we pray for one another

Love and prayer

Support One Another in Difficult Times

Dear Friends

We are in daunting times. People are sick. Others are taking care of their loved ones who are badly off, while others have lost their loved ones, their jobs, their livelihoods and so on.

However, much we may try to say we can be strong and will overcome the pain, at some point, one can break down. The situation is not normal at all and it’s taking its toll on so many of us, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. We can’t pretend any more that is well.

Knowing that your loved one is very ill, in pain, holed up somewhere and you can’t extend a helping hand physically and emotionally is so draining, so daunting. Being ill and you’re locked up somewhere where no loved one can reach you, you’re fighting it all alone, is very painful. We can’t pretend any more that we are strong. We need one another now, more than ever before, yet our hands are tied.

But we can do something. One, let’s kneel before our Almighty God, the giver of life and pray for protection, for all those that are going through emotional, mental, physical and financial distress.

Pick up your phone, call that friend, that relative, that workmate, and find out how they are doing. Talk to them and give them hope and strength. It helps a lot.

Send a message to them and find out how they are anytime. It helps to know that whatever pain, trouble you’re going through, someone out there cares.

If they are experiencing some financial stress, share with them the little you have. Don’t wait to get a lot to be able to share. Even 5k ($1) or 2k (50 cents) can do something for someone in distress. It could be all that is needed to save a life. It can buy a strip of paracetamol, a liter of milk, a glass of juice or a few fingers of matooke (banana). Don’t feel shy sharing the little you have. It takes the burden off someone’s head.

But you can only manage to do that if you make an effort to keep in touch with people, of course through a phone call.

This disease is not only affecting people’s health. It attacks from all corners mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially, and all that. Let’s be compassionate, let’s offer the little we can, let’s be there for one another, give love and care, and above all let’s pray for one another, give love and care and above all let’s pray for one another. Covid-19 is real, but we can conquer the monster if we stand up for one another.

Psalm 142


Easter is a time of celebrations for the risen Lord Jesus Christ. He triumphed over death and today we are assured of eternal life. It has been tough for those who lost their dear ones over the past due to the pandemic and other health related issues but our hope is in Jesus Christ to see them again. These words of 1 John 2:17 can be an inspiration for you “the world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

Here at Square Ministries Africa, we celebrated Easter in an unusual way. On Easter Eve/Holy Saturday we visited elderly families with Easter hampers. It was good to pray with them and to give them at least good food for a week as they celebrate the risen Lord. What joy and blessings while encountering them, I can tell you if you have supported Square Ministries Africa, know that you have so many intercessors praying for you. These women (most of them) are abandoned by their families or they see family members once in a while, seeing somebody with care, it is just beyond imagination. May God continue to give them more years to live. We are planning to be offering essential services to them as God provides.

We would like also to thank you for your prayers for the seminar of pastors and their spouses. We would wish to conduct it in mid-May, keep us in your prayers as the preparations are underway.

Once again God’s blessings for your prayers and support

Pictures and Video


Square Ministries Africa is happy to announce the good news of the concluded semi-virtual training on August 23 -29, 2020. The training followed the COVID 19 pandemic restrictions as follow: – For any meeting to consult the local authorities and the police in the region for supervision. – To wear face masks for all people in training. – To avail soap and water for hand washing at the venue. -To provide sanitizers in and at the entrance of the venue. To observe social distancing of all people. – To avoid people to be accommodated at the venue.

In order to comply with the above, we formed five centers in the entire Diocese of Bukedi (Anglican Church) where 250 people (clergy and lay) were trained on the following topics: – Theology of Work in Spiritual Formation and Mission of the church. – Theology of Work in Social Economic Transformation of the Church. – Theology of Work in Church Leadership.

The spirit of God was moving and also too much of sanitizing and hand washing at the meeting places. We appreciated so much the smooth cooperation of the Diocesan and Square Ministries teams to have a whole week working in harmony and prayers. In fact as the Bible says the harvest is plenty but the workers are very few.

Briefly, our aim was to pray with the church men and women as we empower them with something to do at home during this unpredictable time of COVID-19. We were able to leave behind a seed-animal, in which in every center they are going to rear animals which will reach to everyone within one year. How it works is simple, they either rear birds (hens/turkeys) or pigs, after the first production/generation they give to others the offspring of chicks or piglets. It is a must for the recipient to provide a very good shelter for the animal and Square Ministries Africa is ready to provide the animals.

In case you are interested in what we are doing contact us on

A Blessing in the Midst of a Global Pandemic (Revised)

At the dawn of this disaster, I mentioned about how prayers can change things and how God is testing our faith of leaning on him always.

This time I would like to share with you what is happening around Square Ministries Africa. Can we sit and pray only? Or we need to be active as we pray. In most African countries there is ease on many activities with precautions but the churches and schools from nurseries to Universities are still shutdown. Some people are predicting that they will re-open when COVID vaccine is under operational. Very sad indeed for those two sectors !!

In the midst of sharing with the little people have especially food items, at Square Ministries Africa, we have taken an initiative to reach out to the elderly. Some people visited need spiritual help and others need economic and medical interventions. We registered some alarming medical cases which need quick action. Due to lockdown people were not able to access medication or lost their income to buy medicine. I will continue to update you on this as the intervention unfolds.

The successful story is for the widow, Irene, appearing on this blog (scroll down the page IMG_20170721_110841to ‘Meet some of our Beneficiaries’) we met in 2016 at the beginning of the ministry. Her husband went to the UK for greener pastures but unfortunately he died few years later without seeing him again. Her life became so difficult with several children (7) she had to look after. When Square ministries met her she was in a small rented room with her two children (staying with her) and four grandchildren. We took her for tailoring course after which we gave her a sewing machine on loan. Ten months later she completed paying back.

After the course and getting her own sewing machine she decided to go back to her village and somebody gave her a shelter for free of charge. We visited her several times and we found that she was having a piece of land. We encouraged her to start a small house of her own to be fully independent.  She managed to build a foundation and started on brick wall. Unfortunately the lockdown had not allowed her to continue building because there was no way to make money with her tailoring business. In the midst of lockdown the owner of the house where she was staying, due to challenges he was also having, he needed his house back and he alerted her to evacuate as soon as possible. Three weeks ago we went to see her and we found her in a quagmire state, we tried to gather some money and paid for the building up to the roof, so that she can have somewhere to live.

IMG_20200627_155532When I went to see her just this week she told me “God has sent you at the right time because I was wondering why all these problems are happening to me and now I have seen, God’s timing is always the best, with or without windows and doors we are shifting in this house next week. The grandchildren who were with her turned to each other and said “Oh that is how God works!!”.

Dear friend, this message comes now as an appeal to see if you can help us so that we reach out to so many people like Irene. It has not been my culture to request money but in the midst of this pandemic I would wish you to be a blessing to someone. Technology has done it, now you can send as little as one dollar to a mobile money with no extra charge. It has been so difficult to send money through a bank account where they charge over 30 dollars and really this is a lot of money which can buy a piglet for a widow. Just give as you can afford. Any money you send will be accountable for and you will receive a report of how it was used. Let’s join our hands in prayer and in action in the midst of a global pandemic and God’s reward will fall upon us, and to our descendants.

Allow me to thank those who were able to pray with us and also supported the ministry in monetary terms. At least Irene’s house is roofed, we are now IMG_20200809_180632 (2)working with her and her children to finish up other things remaining for self-esteem and ownership. In case you have a heart to help please you are welcome we can help many people with your participation, “One by one makes a bundle”.

How to send money? Go to and register/download the app and follow the instructions. For more information you can contact us on or

God blesses a cheerful giver from a generation to generations 2 Cor 9:6-9.

Love and blessings