Evangelism through piggery

Happy women’s day (if your country celebrates it).

As a teacher and a pastor I have been wondering how we can bridge the gap between the so called “Scholars” and the “ordinary people.” The scholars here I mean those who are educated with a bachelor degree at least and the ordinary people is the common men and women who live on farming and small businesses. In African context the second category is full of women of different types (widows, needy, single mothers etc).

I have been teaching a class called “Theology of poverty” to different cohorts of students doing development studies but always the question was “How can an educated person reach out to the poor with love of Christ?”

It might sound strange to some of you depending on which sphere of the world you find yourself in, but here in global south, it is not easy for those with a bachelor degree to live in a remote area where there is no electricity, water, and other basic needs.

Two years ago, some of my colleagues and I came up with a decision to make a difference from others, we started a ministry called “SMA” (Square Ministries Africa) we decided to leave our comfort zone of being a scholar and we went out to the community to share the love of Jesus with those in need.

In many activities we do, we identified a widow with three children who was desperately in need but very hard working woman for several years. She rears pigs.

Through SMA a friend of mine after healing her story, wanted to put a smile in this woman’s face in providing a very good pigs stall. I know some of you love to eat pork like me and to others love to make money out of it. The love of pigs is from my childhood because partly I did my primary and secondary education through pigs I used to look after during holidays.

From this experience, my friend through SMA has touched this woman by providing a decent pigs stall. She is saying that she will never forget how God can use a stranger to “touch where was hurting her most”, through this decent pigs stall she will be able to rear 18 pigs at once and able to get enough income for the family.

On the physical aspect it is what I can share with you now and on the spiritual journey with her it will be next time or when you are around you can pay a visit to her.

As I conclude I would like to request that if possible you can be a partner with SMA in this campaign to provide decent pigs stalls to at least 100 vulnerable/poor people in East Africa, mainly women. There are three ways to be involved: 1. Prayer, 2. Buy a sow (a female pig ready to give piglets). 3. Building a physical pigs stall. The remaining aspects of supervision, follow up and spiritual outreach will be done with SMA staff.

Author: squareministriesafrica@gmail.com

A Non-Profit Organization in East Africa

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